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Now for something different: A LaPerm cat video

September 20, 2018 Leave a comment

Shot today in our garden, notice the bleached out backside of the first cat (S*ÄgirsHus BC Pparvel) this mutation (called ÄgirsHus bleach) first occured in our cattery; and it evolves over time. This 3 months old kitten started to bleach when he was approx. 2 months old. It now looks like he’s been dipped in chlorine.



Evolution of two kittens

February 13, 2018 Leave a comment

Today I finished this video showing the evolution of the LaPerm sisters, starting when they are newborn and finishing 16 months later.

All photos were taken by me in 2016-2017 and the sisters still live with us.

This is the first time I’ve done a project of this type, but it was fun.

(make sure to view it in full screen)


Something else: a video

February 5, 2018 Leave a comment

Yesterday the AnnBritt went into labour; her sister Agnes went with her into the nesting box and has stayed there for 10 hours, grooming both her sister and the kittens (5 so far).

Here’s Auntie Agnes with her sisters kittens.




The One Fast Cat exercise wheel

April 12, 2017 Leave a comment

And now something special, the excellent “One fast cat” wheel.. featuring a few of our LaPerm cats 🙂

Also featured in the video is KristerP (who’d like to apologize for the sweat pants)

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