9 weeks old LaPerm kitten

April 10, 2018 2 comments
LaPerm kitten

S*ÄgirsHus BC Llage


LaPerm cat

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LaPerm cat

S*ÄgirsHus BC Dislög

5 weeks old LaPerm kitten suckling from his mother

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5 weeks old LaPerm kitten suckling from his mother

5 weeks old LaPerm kitten suckling from his mother

3 weeks old LaPerm kitten

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3 weeks old LaPerm kitten

3 weeks old LaPerm kitten

2,5 weeks old LaPerm kitten

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This is Lleif, 2,5 weeks old. When they first open their eyes the iris is cloudy but now it has become clear; and as with all kittens their eyes are blue

2.5 weeks old kitten

S*ÄgirsHus BC Lleif

Evolution of two kittens

February 13, 2018 Leave a comment

Today I finished this video showing the evolution of the LaPerm sisters, starting when they are newborn and finishing 16 months later.

All photos were taken by me in 2016-2017 and the sisters still live with us.

This is the first time I’ve done a project of this type, but it was fun.

(make sure to view it in full screen)


Tiny kittens

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1 day old and the curls are already showing, it happens however that some kittens are born with straight (what would be known as “regular cat hair”. When this happens it is common to put a “BS” (Born Straight) in their pedigree. (as opposed to “BC”, meaning born curly).

It is not uncommon for kittens to shed their fur completely only to regain it permanently.

If you look closely it is evident that one kitten (the torbie girl) was born BS.

On a sidenote: The eyes of kittens are sensitive and so they should not be put in bright light; the photos here have been intentionally overexposed (using a slower shutter speed and a high ISO).